Success Stories

Sabitry Ghosh, 63 years old widow, a senior citizen who used to feel miserable, insecure and neglected on being left alone at home, is now a happy and cheerful person at the Center for Women Senior Citizens run by the East Calcutta Constituency funded by AIWC Trust. The Center not only takes care of their nutritious and healthy diet, but also ensures they do daily exercises to keep fit.Sabitry says that the women at the Center have been able to build a strong bond of friendship with each other with their daily interaction, singing bhajans together, narrating stories etc. Training imparted to them at the Center in making pickles, paper bags etc., help them in earning a livelihood.Whole community is supportive of this initiative.

Sangeeta was 15 years old when in 2002 she was brought to Matri Sadan, managed by All India Women’s Conference, in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She was admitted in class 7th in a nearby school and one rickshaw was arranged to facilitate her commuting to the school. Sangeeta had polio attack in childhood and is differently abled. She studied very dedicately, completed school successfully and received a masters degree in Sociology while pursuing a computer course. She was appointed as a computer teacher and a counsellor at the Short Stay Home (Matri Sadan) to inspire more young girls just like her. In 2016 she got married and is about to enter into the beautiful world of motherhood. Sangeeta continues to live in Saharanpur with her family and works for computer centre managed by AIWC. She has managed to save some money and purchased a computer for herself for home. She has been a real inspiration for the girls living in the Short stay home.