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AIWC Vocational Institution

  • Shilpkala Utsav scheduled for 23rd October to 25th October 2018
  • AIWC Branches in Kerala actively and phenomenally engaged in the flood relief operation
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  • Annual Meetings:
    Annual meeting will be held from 8th to 11th January 2019 at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
  • Zonal Meetings:
    North Zone: Zonal Meeting is on 28th November 2018 at Delhi
    Central Zone: Zonal Meeting is on 21st December 2018 at Uttar Pradesh.
  • GUCCHI project being extended in two more cities - Chennai & Kolkata
  • Recruitment
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It gives me great pleasure to address this distinguished gathering of business meeting participants. Other than working on business matters such events are important platforms for deepening mutual engagement and interaction, and providing an opportunity to think creatively about ways to develop the potential of our relationship.

I would like to congratulate our Kashmir Branch and especially Mrs. Roshan Ara for giving us an opportunity to experience most gorgeous Indian Paradise on earth. It is, we women who taken up the challenge to support our brothers and sisters in Kashmir which is one of our initiative towards National Integration and being a pioneer NGO working for empowerment of women, we feel it is a matter of honour for us to hold the conference here. This has been possible only with the dedicated support of our member Ms. Roshan Ara. I am really proud and honored with the strength of our AIWC. I would also like to thank Srinagar University for their extended support and hospitality for the success of our meet.

Coming towards our business meeting’s agenda, I would like to share a few highlights in continuation of my Plan of Action presented in our Last Annual Conference

90 Years Celebration – The Budgets have been sanctioned in our finance meetingand the following branches are doing as per the details-

Jabalpur, M.P. 11th – 12th August, 2017 Central Zone B

Rajkot, Gujarat 5th October, 2017 West Zone B

Agartala 3rd – 4th November, 2017 (North Eastern Zone)

Calcutta 17th – 18th December, 2017 (Eastern Zone)

Head Office is planning a 90 years celebration in the month of December and planning to invite the President or Prime Minister as Chief Guest for the event.

I would also like to request our respected Patrons to share an article as per our vision and mission to publish in the souvenir which shall be inaugurated during the event. Dr. Aparna Basu our senior most Patron will be the Chief Advisor.

  • National Integration – It begins with our presence here today in Kashmir and we look forward to organize more awareness program and initiatives at every branch as well.
  • AIWC Management Infrastructure & Support– As per my vision’s structure
    I am happy that our Vice Presidents are not only a good support to their respective zones, but also they update me and our Head office team of the branch operations.
    We have not yet been able to appoint State Heads in spite of having such a strong team all across India, I would appreciate if some of you come forward to take up this responsibility in your State. This will strengthen our relationships with the government bodies. I would also request my Zonal Organizers team to work on this and help in selection of State Heads in their Zone.
  • Roles & Responsibilities
    I believe our Zonal Organizers team is supporting all our branches, especially in supporting to information availability in local language. If any further support or information is required you all are welcome to approach to our head office team.
  • AIWC Expansion Nationally
    We have received 3 new branches proposals; however we need to work on this more enthusiastically
  • AIWC Expansion Globally
    GUCCI Project Gender into climate change initiatives, it is an honor that AIWC is pulling of the Mammoth Project in India in 2 pilot cities Delhi & Mumbai, their meeting in Indonesia was attended by Kalyani, Jitender Rekha & Sheila and I appreciate their commendable efforts for the same.
    Mumbai is still waiting for their FCRA registration.
    Land Development Mrs. Kiran Sharma & Mrs. Manju Pachuri - Boundary wall is under construction. Architects finalization is under progress. In our next financial we should be able to submit the final plan of action to proceed ahead.
  • We propose to convert the headoffice premises to environment friendly premises and a proposal has been put for the Finance committee in this regard.

There are some Programs we still have not been able to tap which is my priority agenda in the coming 6 months are-

  • Self Defence Programs for girls and women
  • Waste Management
  • Panchayati Raj Seminar & Programs
  • Women & Child Issues voicing with the government
  • Punishments against rapists

I look forward for more inputs and suggestions from all of you. Please do come forward for more program and implementations in you zones / states as per the ground reality requirements.

  • Internal & External Networking
  • Media Promotion - Media promotion is another area, which AIWC should wide consider for publicity of its activities/programs.

Shilpakala Utsav – This year we are keen to create a focus on Uttarakhand to reach out to women artisans and self-help groups from the State.

  • I had meeting with Uttarakhand Chief Minister Shri. Trivendra Singh Rawat regarding AIWC and its activities. We have received his confirmation as Chief Guest for The ShilpkalaUtsav scheduled on 10th October-2017.

I am thankful to Secretary General Mrs. Kalyani Raj & Treasurer Mrs. Manju Kak for their support and cooperation. Without our office we are incomplete as it is they who bring connectivity to our working.

6 Months are over and we still have so much more to do so, I conclude my speech with "If we have a goal and a plan, and are willing to take risks and learn from our mistakes our team can achieve every target and projections.

Thank you