News and Events

  “ National Workshop on Gender into urban climate change initiatives”- 2nd May 2019
  Date: 31st January, 2019
  Venue: India International Centre, Conference Hall 2
  Time: 9:30 am — 5 pm
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 Zonal Meetings:
Zonal meeting of West Zone B- 29th March 2019 in Rajkot
 Shilpkala Utsav scheduled for 23rd October to 25th October 2018
 AIWC Branches in Kerala actively and phenomenally engaged in the flood relief operation
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 GUCCI project being extended in two more cities - Chennai & Kolkata

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Success Stories

Janki Bai’s life’s struggle e began at the age of 20 when she got married. She did not get a chance to study more after class 5 due to poverty and lack of awareness regarding value of education. Amid poverty stricken condition she learned weaving, and making a living by weaving, with her husband since last 10 years. Both husband and wife have been earning merely Rs 500 from the traders for weaving one saree.

It was a turning point for Janki Bai, when she got an opportunity to get a stall to sell sarees woven by her, at the Shilpkala Utsav, organized by AIWC, New Delhi from 23rd to 25th Oct 2018. She did brisk business by selling a numbers of Chanderi sarees and dress materials. She was sure that it was all possible due to the support of AIWC. Joy of tears were there in her eyes on the last day of Utsav. The response of the visitors to her stall was quite good.

Sangeeta was 15 years old when in 2002 she was brought to Matri Sadan, managed by All India Women’s Conference, in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She was admitted in class 7th in a nearby school and one rickshaw was arranged to facilitate her commuting to the school. Sangeeta had polio attack in childhood and is differently abled. She studied very dedicately, completed school successfully and received a masters degree in Sociology while pursuing a computer course. She was appointed as a computer teacher and a counsellor at the Short Stay Home (Matri Sadan) to inspire more young girls just like her. In 2016 she got married and is about to enter into the beautiful world of motherhood. Sangeeta continues to live in Saharanpur with her family and works for computer centre managed by AIWC. She has managed to save some money and purchased a computer for herself for home. She has been a real inspiration for the girls living in the Short stay home.

Ishrat Jahan, Nusrat Kamaal, Shama, Irshadan, Imrana from Astha Women’s Conference, Muzaffarnagar Branch of AIWC, are the beneficiaries from the “Integrated Literacy and Skill Development Programme” promoted by AIWC. Their success stories are similar, based on the benefits they have gained

All of them belong to economically weaker section of society. Their life is restricted being in a minority community, still following backward customs like purdah and unable to go out of the four walls of their homes.

With the persistent efforts of our Members, they were encouraged to come out of their homes and make a life for themselves, through AIWC’s programmes. Today these women have not only learnt the skill of stitching and tailoring, they have also gained basic literacy skills. They are able to earn well by taking job orders at home.

Literacy and skill training has helped all the beneficiaries to manage their money independently, they are able to send their children to school, able to teach other women to read and write, and maintain a peaceful atmosphere at home with their financial independence.

Literacy and economic independence have given them confidence to face the world.

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